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Family owned and operated since 1987

Every genuine Seiler piano embodies the know-how and experience of four generations of the highly developed art of piano making. Since 1849, the goal has been to achieve perfection. Seiler grand and upright pianos are far more than just top quality instruments. They are all unique and masterly works of art. As a result, Seiler has earned its worldwide reputation as being the industry benchmark through its impeccable craftsmanship, quality, and precision.

Seiler uses a combination of traditional methods and modern technology. The scale designs are of relatively high tension, producing a balanced tone that is quite consistent from one Seiler piano to the next. Although brilliant, the tone also sings well, due to, the company says, a unique, patented soundboard feature called the Membrator system, used in Seiler’s SE and ED lines: The perimeter of the soundboard is sculpted to be thicker and heavier in mass than the central portion of the board, forming an internal frame within the soundboard itself. The lighter, inner area becomes the vibrating membrane — a diaphragm on its own — unimpeded by the larger soundboard’s attachment to the inner rim. Seiler says that its use of the Membrator system, as well as effective rib positioning, improves the soundboard’s efficiency in radiating sound. It’s easy to identify the Membrator by the tapered groove around the perimeter of the board