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Based out of Hamamatsu, Japan, Kawai Musical Instruments is one of the largest piano makers in the world, carrying a full line of grand pianos, upright pianos, and digital pianos. Since its founding in 1927 by piano designer Koichi Kawai, the Kawai company has been led by three generations of Kawai family members with the current president being the grandson of the founder, Hirotaka Kawai.

With a reputation for quality, consistency, and design precision, Kawai has historically pioneered the use of modern engineering and manufacturing technologies within the industry. Kawai was one of the first to employ automation and robotics in production to significantly improve uniformity, yield, and price, as well as incorporate high-tech composite materials (in place of traditionally used wooden parts) into their grand piano and upright piano actions for much greater durability, precision, responsiveness, and touch.

Kawai pianos have gained popularity in recent years in particular, developing a growing reputation for design and quality by the piano technician industry, winning a sizable number of awards for their sound and performance, and finding themselves increasingly a preferred choice for use by professional pianists in prestigious international competitions.