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Our in-house financing department has many options that make it easy for you to purchase your new or used piano.


Player System Sales & Installation
The PianoDisc Player system will turn any piano into a player, even the one you already own.


Piano Rental
For your home, business or special occasion, we provide the perfect piano. We take care of delivery so you won`t have to worry about a thing.


Rent to Own
Still not sure about purchasing a piano? Try our rent-to-own program. This program will allow you and your family to experience the piano for a reasonable amount of time, and if you decide to keep it, all your rental payments are applied to the purchase of the piano you rented, or any other piano we have.


Expert Piano Tuning & Repair
We can refer you to expert tuners and technicians. Please call 714-828-1000 to arrange your piano service.

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