Bösendorfer model 170

This beautiful 1930 Bösendorfer grand piano has been fully restored in Europe. This is the classic Viennese scale design from the golden era of piano making. Bösendofer is one of the most sought-after pianos in the performance piano world today and has enjoyed a long, illustrious record of premium craftsmanship and world-renowned performance. It is a unique voice amongst the very greatest piano makers in history. The Model 170 is a 5’6″ baby grand piano. It has an excellent balance of tone and is well-rounded in the bass section, where a lesser caliber instrument would struggle to deliver the pure, full resonance that this baby grand Bösendorfer embodies. The tone is clear, bell-like in the treble, and crisp throughout the midsection. The action is very smooth and responsive. It is a true gem, in like-new condition, ready for generations of musical performance. Come see this model at our Tustin showroom!


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BÖSENDORFER (pre-owned)


Ebony Polish




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Baby Grand 4'8"- 5'6"