C. Bechstein Classic 124 Residence

A fortepiano for life

The C. Bechstein Classic 124 model is a high-end fortepiano with a timeless case design. Moreover, it stands out for its distinctively superior action and its colored and richly nuanced voice.  It’s a musical partner for a lifetime.

The C. Bechstein Classic 124 boasts a puristic, fine and serene design and, like all pianos of the Masterpiece class, it delivers excellent musical performances. The use of the most valuable materials, together with manufacturing processes entrusted to expert piano-makers, guarantees that this fortepiano will meet the stringent requirements of several generations of piano players.

Dimensions   48.8” / 124 cm ×  59.4” / 151 cm ×  25.6” / 65 cm   Weight   575 lbs / 261 kg

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A unique production site

All C. Bechstein instruments are made by specialists in sound and action assemblies, at a remarkable production site located in Germany. The making of each instrument takes several months, even years. Take a guided tour of the production facility and discover why every C. Bechstein piano has its own musical personality! You’ll also discover that the German site boasts a in-house production depth that is unique in Europe. Leaving nothing to chance, the facility produces even the hammerheads, which contributes to the distinctively superior quality of C. Bechstein pianos. A luxury instrument, the C. Bechstein Classic 124 is also a testimony to your good musical taste. Treat yourself to the best and your daily piano training will become a pleasure!

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Ebony Polish, White, Mahogany, Walnut


Uprights 45" and up

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C. Bechstein Concert


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