The AUGUST FÖRSTER instruments are among the very highest performance in the world, and one of the half dozen top makers which define the pinnacle of pianomaking. Each instrument is completely hand made in their 40 person factory in Löbau, Germany according to old world tradition of piano craftsmanship. The very highest quality of materials are used, from Strünz soundboards to the Renner action and hammers. A piano is not its components alone, however, and August Förster stands out even amongst the German hand-made pianos as adhering to “old world” traditional pianomaking methods and time-tested designs. The legs, music stands and lyras for the pedals are also custom carved from wood. The bass strings are wound by hand and the iron frame is prepared by hand. Each instrument is an individual work of art and has the unique "AUGUST FÖRSTER Sound".

Craftsmanship & Elegance from Löbau, Germany

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All pianos are crafted 100% in Lobau, Germany.

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