The concert grade instruments of the C.Bechstein piano company are a singular voice amongst the European high-end, having a lot to recommend them at the bench. The tonal character of the C. Bechstein is clear and full, with a powerful resonance, good balance, and a sparkling treble. The action is quick and responsive and their choice of synthetic keytop material provides a unique and favorable tactile feedback.

While adhering to traditional designs, C.Bechstein has invested heavily in precision execution through advanced C&C machinery. Both the C. Bechstein Concert and Academy series rely on this precision manufacturing in the most sensitive parts of the instrument to dial in the best performance possible. With its top performance and success, it has become the largest high-end piano manufacturer, delivering measurably consistent excellence with every piano they ship out.

Designer Gallery

C. Bechstein Artists in their Own Words

C. Bechstein - Behind the Scenes

The Two C. Bechstein Series

Every piano bearing the C.Bechstein name is 100% crafted in Seifhennersdorf, Germany.

Concert & Residence

The noble C. Bechstein Concert upright and grand pianos are handmade masterpieces crafted to the highest level of performance and craftsmanship possible.

Academy Series

The premium C. Bechstein Academy instruments are a more basic handmade German piano and stand out for their excellent sound profile and professional touch.

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