Kawai K-500 60th Anniversary Limited Edition

Kawai commemorates the 60th Anniversary of their arrival in North America with the release of two astonishing, gorgeous, limited-edition acoustic pianos. Just 60 limited edition pianos, each of the best-selling GX2 grand and the K-500 upright, are being offered. Both will feature rare hand-painted accents using the ancient Japanese method of lacquering called “Urushi.”

Urushi’s special applications dates to 16th Century Japan. The treasured sap of the Urushi tree can only be collected in small quantities. After three to five years of harvesting, the sap is filtered, dehydrated, and homogenized, resulting in an artisan-clear lacquer. This lacquer can then be tinted in black, yellow, red, green, or brown. The lacquer is then applied under the most stringent conditions, and after it dries, a second layer is applied, making the process extremely labor-intensive – and for all who will own one, extraordinarily worth it. Using a technique called ‘Maki-e,” the Kawai logo and the 60th-anniversary logo are then created by sprinkling fine gold flakes onto the wet lacquer for a spellbinding effect.

Using this ancient finish on the world’s most advanced piano is the perfect example of the fusion of tradition and technology. These matchless pianos will be cherished family heirlooms.

Original price was: $20,895.00.Current price is: $17,495.00.

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